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A manufacturer that acts as your factory

Compress Lead Times

Eliminate Risk by reducing overhead, labor costs, and more.

Eliminate Risk

Let us help you save money by being your factory for laminate parts and components.

Reduce Cost

Just expand your factory and solve your most pressing problems. Well, that's easy to say isn't it? But what if your expansion required no additional space or energy consumption and incurred no extra personnel costs or risks? Because this extension of your operation runs only when you need products and shuts down when you don't. You don't produce waste or carry overhead, your machines never break down, and your custom stocking solutions enable just-in-time delivery.

You have industry-leading manufacturing staff, state-of-the-art machinery and 22 years of problem solving in over ten industries. That's if you make Laminate Works your factory without a footprint.

Helping over 350 customers in 10 industries keep their promises.

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Our manufacturing solutions of laminating, cutting, edge banding, and machining, solve your factory needs.

value add solutions: stocking, surface solutions, quality assurance, and custom packaging ensure your satisfaction.

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