Manufacturing Solutions + Value-added Solutions

Manufacturing Solutions


In our facility, we have both a completely automated PUR laminate line as well as a cold press glue line.


Our precision cutting and routing solutions on two fh6 Schelling  beam saws and an Onsrud 30 foot fixed table CNC router.


Our edgebanding solutions include the best in laser edgeband finish quality through the Ima laser edge-bander, two Bima contour edgebanders and a IMA Novimat straightline edgebander.


Boring, drilling, inserting at the highest precision on both vertical boring on our VEKTOR15 or horizontal boring machines on our HOMAG BHX 500.

Value-Added Solutions

Custom Packaging

Our packaging SOPs cover guidelines for packaging panels and parts for both local and national delivery. Many of our customers have specific requirements and materials for packaging. Each is unique, real problem that needs to be solved that aligns with their business and customer requirements.

Stocking Programs

It's not as simple as just keeping material in stock. It's about creating a solution with our customers to help them succeed. The best solutions come from identifying the problem, then asking the right questions to create a plan to solve it together.

Surface Solutions

Our surface solutions pair high fidelity HPL with matching edgebanding carefully selected for a specific finish, texture or pattern. Face material is PUR bonded inside a dust-free clean room to guarantee a flawless surface and unbreakable bond. Edgeband is applied using laser technology for a seamless edge with no glue-line.

Quality Assurance

We have quality management systems for our operations and manufacturing processes, but our customers have certain quality requirements we need to meet as well. Our Quality department works closely with our customers to make sure we are delivering the quality they expect every time. We are committed to enhancing our systems to ensure our customers succeed.

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