Airply ultra-light core cuts weight up to 75%

March 6, 2020


Laminate Works

LaminateWork's Specialty Substrate AIRPLY™ Ultra Light Core
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Today, Laminate Works introduces a new product line for Specialty Substrates by launching AIRPLY™ Ultra Light Core. AIRPLY is up to 76% lighter than Particle Board and MDF and  meets the requirements for strength and screw holding power in applications from worksurfaces, table tops, cabinet doors, wall panels and more. AIRPLY is woodworking machinable and currently available in six sizes with unlimited custom sizes available for special order.


AIRPLY was developed in response to ongoing customer feedback across the nine industries Laminate Works serves. The requests stemmed from feedback that a lightweight substrate would be useful in five distant areas:

  • Increasing product mobility. Tables, especially in restaurants and educational setting, are moved around daily and can become cumbersome.
  • Decreasing drop damage and strain on installation crews. Large and thick component parts can get really heavy, really fast. Cutting weight can make a huge difference in the ease of installation and reduce the number of drops.
  • Reduce manufacturing stress. Large and heavy wood parts can be a challenge to manufacture with. Using a light weight substrate can help.
  • Adding design innovation to product lines. Reducing weight opens up new possibilities and solutions in product design.
  • Save money on freight. National and international shipping is a big expense. Cutting weight translates to a potentially huge cost savings.

AIRPLY is available in six standard sizes and unlimited custom specifications. All are made with matching faces that are bonded to a center layer of polystyrene foam. The top and bottom layers consist of a matching material of the same type and thickness, providing a balanced, finished substrate. All versions of AIRPLY use either HDF or MDF for their face layer. The extruded foam at the heart of AIRPLY provides a weight reduction of up to 76% while still providing the structural strength required for nearly every application.

Applications for AIRPLY include but are not limited to worksurfaces, table tops, cabinet doors, markerboards, floating shelves, signage, sliding doors and partitions and more.

AIRPLY is woodworking machinable and can be sawn, edgebanded and routed similar to IPB and MDF. A wide variety of materials can be bonded to it including; HPL, Plastics, Acrylics, Metals, Wood Veneers, Stones and more. Hardware can be attached with the screw holding power required for nearly any application using either standard screws, or inserts.  

All sizes of AIRPLY are in-stock and available to start production today. Laminate Works offers Modern Manufacturing for Innovators and provides Custom Component Parts, PRL Panels, Surface Solutions and Specialty Substrates to over 150 customers in nine industries across North America every day. They are dedicated to helping customers keep their promises.

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