Cut lead times overnight by switching from low to high pressure

August 21, 2020


Laminate Works

Switching from LPL component parts to an HPL solution is easy with Laminate Works
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Times are challenging right now across all industries working with wood products. The COVID 19 pandemic is making it difficult to procure raw materials and component parts on time, especially from oversea sources. Recently there’s been an increase in OEMs replacing their low pressure, imported parts with domestic, high pressure solutions.

HPL matches for LPL are readily available from a variety of laminate suppliers and can be purchased in any quantity, no minimum order. Customization of features such as packaging and logistics are possible too. Inserts can be added, individual boxing is available and creative shipping solutions can cut down on time and cost. You'll want to work with a manufacturing partner who can leverage strong relationships in your favor.

The good news is that with the right materials and volume, the cost per part can remain competitive. The even better news is that the overall quality, speed of delivery, order volume flexibility and total value is much higher.

Switching from LPL component parts to an HPL solution can happen very quickly with Laminate Works, in as little as three weeks from quote to delivery. Parts can be made to your exact specifications in any quantity.

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