Achieve a seamless, no glue-line edge with laser edge-banding

February 19, 2020


Olivia Erickson

Laminate Works brings its customers superior finished products through laser edgebanding.
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We are excited to offer our customers the best in edgeband finish quality by introducing our new IMA Novimat laser edgebander. If you haven’t experienced laser edgeband technology, you will be blown away by the difference in appearance of the edge because it uses heat from a laser to effectively melt the edgeband to the substrate. The advantage to this process is a laminated part with no visible glue line, and no dirt build-up like there would be with a glue based solution. You're left with a sleek, seamless look from the face all the way around to the edge.


The most impressive aspects of the massive machine are both the quality of the edgebanding applied and the speed it can edgeband parts. The glue line is so invisible that those who have seen our samples assumed the part was one solid piece rather than a two-faced part with seamless, matching edgebanding.

Along with the significant increase in quality, the machine has increased the speed in which we can manufacture parts. We can now edgeband a 4-sided part in about 20 seconds. Paired with our new saw capabilities and PUR line, our best-in-class capabilities have increased our total manufacturing capacity three times.


In addition to the quality and speed of the machine, the boasts some impressive technical specs. The machine is 100 feet long with the ability to edgeband parts nearly any size from 6x6 inch to 4x10 foot to perfection. An operator feeds the machine by loading the parts in one at a time, the machine will automatically align the edge so each part goes in perfectly, then it reads the unique barcode sticker on each part to determine the size and edgebanding to use.


It features an edgebanding inventory management system which holds 24 reels of edgebanding and can easily switch between colors and thicknesses during production. After the edgebanding is applied, the edges are trimmed, scraped, buffed, and smoothed to remove any residue. The parts will make a loop through the feed for each side being edgebanded before exiting the machine. The whole process is truly mesmerizing.

After spending time investigating our options in improving the edgebanding technology in our plant, we are confident we chose the fastest, highest quality edgebanding solution we could find. We are looking forward to the opportunity to work with new materials to serve both new and old customers to bring a more superior finished product.

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